Frequently Asked Questions

How does biotherapy work? What can you expect from a session? Find answers to all common questions.

What conditions can bioenergy sessions help with?
What means and tools are used during bioenergy sessions?
How long do the sessions last?
Can bioenergy sessions cause side effects?
When to expect the first results of bioenergo therapy?
Are bioenergy sessions suitable for everyone?
What qualifications does Biotherapist Slavko Matanović possess?
What are the session prices, and is there a bundle offer?
Which payment methods do we support?
What is our cancellation policy?
Do you offer Bioenergo therapy services remotely?
What can you expect from bioenergy sessions and spiritual-energetic medicine in general?
Can spiritual-energetic medicine be combined with other forms of treatment?

To make it easier for you to become acquainted with the potential of bioenergetic healing, we have created a YouTube channel where you can find many clips, interviews, explanations, and experiences. Below, we highlight a few notable videos, and we invite you to view the entire list of available videos on our YouTube channel!