The education of physioenergo therapists is conducted through three fundamental modules, which differ in complexity, duration, and the scope of knowledge acquired.

Each lecturer in Module 1 must be a certified Master of physioenergo therapy, which means they are also experienced biotherapists. The basic module is available from many lecturers in different countries around the world, while Module 2 is exclusively taught by Master Slavko Matanović.

Due to its complexity, Module 3 is designed as an education led by numerous lecturers, all highly experienced experts in their fields of work. As participants progress through the modules, not only does their knowledge expand but also their areas of expertise, from energetic to spiritual and business techniques. The goal of this education is for each participant to become a complete person, both in healing work and as an individual and entrepreneur.

After each level of education, the participant receives a certificate of completion.


Module 1

Healing through bioenergo therapy is the foundation of the entire physioenergo therapy system. Bioenergo therapy can achieve healing of the patient from various types of diseases and ailments, except for congenital diseases with which a person is born. Although some improvements can be done on these diseases, complete healing is not yet possible.

This form of treatment has existed as long as humans themselves. Written traces in the Vedic scriptures, over 5000 years old, show that people were treated with this method. This mode of treatment is present in all cultures and civilizations.

Bioenergy, which is used in bioenergo therapy, is the life energy from which all living beings on Earth are created. It is the foundation of every earthly form of life and the key to life and health. When you have an abundance of this energy, you feel healthy and well. However, when life problems, stress, trauma, and disease take away this energy, an "energy blockage" occurs with a lack of energy necessary for maintaining vital organs and systems. Therefore, in the first module, we learn how to heal people with bioenergy, the oldest known form of healing.


Module 2

The second module represents a more advanced and complex level of education, during which bioenergo therapists are trained for distance healing, i.e., in situations when the patient is not physically present with the therapist. In the second module, the basics of dowsing are also adopted, including working with dowsing instruments to discover the causes of diseases and cleaning procedures for therapists after sessions.

Additionally, participants are introduced to important advanced and detailed aspects of working with patients and groups. At the end of the module, education participants go through a mandatory initiation, preceded by a joint meditation as a form of relaxation, which represents an exceptionally interesting segment.

The second module enables participants to complete their knowledge of bioenergo therapy and master the basics of dowsing, thus acquiring a quality healing skill set. Those who wish to further improve their skills can acquire additional knowledge and skills in the third module, which covers energopressure and spiritual-energetic healing techniques.


Module 3

The third module course is the most complex, longest and currently the last in the series. Upon successful completion, participants gain the title of 'Master of Physioenergo Therapy'. They become teachers capable of passing on the knowledge of bioenergo therapy, allowing them to independently lead Module 1, teach, and issue certificates on behalf of our team for their own account. In this way, alongside healing, they develop another aspect of business.

Energopressure is a form of treatment within unconventional medicine and a phenomenal way to assist patients with uncomfortable entrapments or dysfunction, i.e., weakened function of a particular organ. Through practice, the application range of this healing technique is continuously expanding, so that we are now achieving respectable effects on almost the entire health spectrum with this form of energetic healing. Sciatica, entrapments, polyneuropathies, neck stiffness, pains in shoulders, elbows, hands, lumbosacral area, hips, knees, or ankles disappear very quickly after treatment with energopressure. It gives exceptional results in the recovery of athletes from injuries.

As part of the education in Module 3, we learn several significant medical subjects that greatly assist us in our healing work, such as anatomy, physiology, biology, the history of medicine, and others. The lecturers are experienced doctors who introduce us to these subjects with ease, due to their years of experience working with students and patients.

The next thing we learn is informational "diagnosis" of diseases and causes of diseases using dowsing tools, which serves the needs of the healer. The knowledge of dowsing acquired in the second module is expanded in this module in collaboration with lecturers, long-experienced dowsers, to a very advanced level.

Dowsing is a field that people have used for their benefit since the existence of modern humans. Dowsing finds its widest application in searching for underground waters, both drinking and geothermal, then in detecting harmful radiations, as well as finding mineral resources. Dowsing can explore anything for which there are no more precise or scientifically advanced technological solutions. It is used in energetic diagnostics, astrology, in detecting missing persons, for checking the quality of food and water, arranging furniture in homes and apartments, and similar. Practically, every aspect of life can be covered by dowsing.

Lectures on the aura and energy body cover basics, such as the position and development of formation and peripheral chakras, up to a detailed acquaintance with the system of these energy points along with the recent scientific findings of our lecturers. An additional initiation is performed along with several hours of meditation, which is extremely important for expanding the energy light channel for the flow of healing energy. A special segment includes learning techniques for energetic cleansing of the aura.

The spiritual-energetic technique of dematerialization is also part of this module's program and is used for the dematerialization of energetic information that remains in our body after consuming food and medications, as well as any other preparations. The body disposes of the material part of ingested substances through the digestive system, energetically consumes them, but the energetic information remains in the body and binds to our DNA. It is precisely these pieces of information that need to be dematerialized.

All knowledge and skills acquired within this program represent a strong foundation for future healers and teachers, enabling them to provide help and support to others, while simultaneously building a successful career in this growing field.