Slavko Matanović


Meet Biotherapist Slavko Matanović. Discover who he is, what he stands for, and his journey to becoming the person he is today. A healer, author of three books, lecturer, creator of physioenergotherapy, and a prominent promoter of spiritual-energetic medicine and bioenergy.

Biotherapist Slavko Matanović began his path in biotherapy as a patient. In 2008, he witnessed the wonders of bioenergotherapy and was himself cured and healed. From then until 2023, he has been continuously dedicated to spiritual-energetic healings and constant learning.

Slavko applied his healing gift to members of his family first - his sister and mother, in spontaneous attempts to prove the process of bioenergotherapy. These initial treatments resulted in complete healings, even without formal education. This start marked a turning point in his life.

After these first miraculous healings, word about his abilities quickly spread, and many other healings followed. He realized he had a gift, but also a need for formal education to develop his knowledge and skills. As a result, he started studying bioenergotherapy and became a healer in the true sense.

Bioenergotherapy has changed his life in many ways. The changes have reflected on all levels, including his lifestyle, view of himself, people, life, and of course, career change. Slavko embraced his calling as a healer and decided to dedicate himself to helping others.

Slavko became an active healer and traveled to various European countries such as Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Bulgaria, and of course, Croatia, his home country, where he worked in three main locations - Zagreb, Osijek, and Beli Manastir.

Following that, Slavko continued to provide his services beyond the continent, including Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

From the beginning, he has also offered his healing services to people around the world through distance sessions.

His education has never stopped, and Slavko has dedicated himself to learning and perfecting various healing skills. Today, he actively applies his knowledge in the fields of bioenergotherapy, radiesthesia, energopressure, energy dematerialization, healing of the energy body (Aura), healing of the spiritual body (Soul), and many others.

Slavko Matanović has written three books - "The Bioenergotherapist," "Healing is the Path," and "The Healer - Physioenergotherapy." Additionally, he was invited as a lecturer on bioenergotherapy at the medical faculty in the integrative medicine study program in 2016 in Osijek. He introduced a system of education in 3 modules that provides participants with an endless source of knowledge about spiritual-energetic medicine and enables their personal spiritual-energetic development.

Students who complete the third module of education earn the title of "Master of Physioenergotherapy" and are initiated into the knowledge and profession of Bioenergotherapy Teacher. With this title and knowledge, they are entitled to conduct bioenergotherapy education within the Biotherapist team, on their own account.

Slavko is also the creator of physioenergotherapy, an innovative combination of different healing techniques and disciplines. His actions have not been limited to performing therapies but also to educating interested students.

He regularly organizes charitable free healings with his students at the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Slavko Matanović has been featured in numerous television and radio shows in the region and speaks about spiritual-energetic medicine. There are also documentary films about his work in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Bulgaria. He has appeared on regional podcasts such as "Mario Zna" and "Glas javnosti," where he shared his knowledge of energies, spirituality, and spiritual-energetic medicine. He is a major promoter of the entire field and has a personal task to spread knowledge about bioenergy and spiritual-energetic medicine.

Slavko Matanović is a strong advocate of integrative medicine, which combines conventional medicine and spiritual-energetic medicine. This is evidenced by the fact that many of Slavko's students are allopathic medicine doctors in regional countries.

The Bioenergotherapist

This book presents a comprehensive guide intended for bioenergotherapists, providing deep insight into the methods, approaches and philosophy of this therapeutic approach. It details the practice of bioenergotherapists, exploring techniques, patient relationships, and self-relations, as well as the education system developed by the skilled bioenergotherapist, Slavko Matanović. Through the description of the education system at three levels, the book provides a fundamental understanding of the principles of bioenergotherapy, while simultaneously opening doors to the spiritual aspect of this profession, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach that characterizes successful bioenergotherapists.

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Healing is the Path

The second book in order, "Healing is the Path" represents Slavko's deep commitment to providing practical advice and wisdom for readers, to find inner balance. Focusing on everyday challenges, the author has managed to combine his experience and profound messages to offer clear guidance for improving mental health, self and interpersonal relationships. This book serves as a guide to finding inner peace and making positive changes in reader's life. It contains inspirational messages that call for spiritual growth, inviting every individual to discover the inner strength and benefits of spirituality in their own life.


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