What is Bioenergy Healing?

Bioenergy healing is a process where bioenergy, or life energy, is used to heal individuals from various diseases.

Bioenergy is the foundation of all life forms on Earth and is widely used for therapeutic purposes. Human beings consist of three bodies: the physical, the energetic (known as the aura), and the spiritual (known as the soul).

Using energy techniques, it is possible to heal all three bodies. According to our understanding, nearly all diseases, especially chronic ones, originate in the energetic body. If they are not addressed and removed in a timely manner from the energetic body, they can be transferred to the physical body and manifest through symptoms such as pain, various ailments, and medical diagnoses.

The bioenergy healing process aims to remove diseases from the energetic body (aura).

Numerous diseases that official medicine labels as chronic (and potentially incurable) include conditions such as migraines, gangrene, bronchitis, asthma, high and low blood pressure, endocrine gland disorders, multiple sclerosis, and allergies. The problems associated with these chronic diseases exist at the energetic level, which is why official medicine often considers them incurable. They are "incurable" within the context of official medicine because it primarily deals with the physical body.

Bioenergy healing can provide excellent results because it addresses both the energetic and the physical levels. A holistic approach is recommended for any health condition, using all available resources that can contribute to our health. In this context, energy medicine definitely has great potential for healing.

Humans are essentially beings made of energy, meaning energy has the power to heal us. Bioenergy heals people because it represents the basis from which humans are created. Generally, a person can be healed by bioenergy from any diagnosis or disease, even those that do not yet have a formal medical name or are unknown to medicine, because all diseases are ultimately the result of an energetic imbalance. As such, they can be removed and thus heal the person. However, it should be noted that it is not possible to heal every person.

Healing the Spiritual Body

Through an individual session, a person undergoes a process where, using multiple parallel techniques, the root cause of the problems the individual is facing in life at any level of existence, whether physical, energetic, or spiritual, is explored and identified.

Problems can be detected at the level of the energy field or beyond, manifesting in the form of severe or minor diseases, health issues, obstacles, or blockages in life. These can be individual difficulties or a series of complex situations that seem impossible to handle and that prevent progress. They may also appear as circumstances that constantly bring you back to the start, feelings of emotional weight and unrest, despair, dissatisfaction, and the inability to achieve happiness in any aspect of life.

The cause is almost always energetic, and the energies that manifest are often linked to:

  • Karmic relations, issues, loops, and similar,
  • Family traits, debts, generational inheritance,
  • Emotional pressures and afflictions, from childhood to the present (poor upbringing, lack of love, abuses...),
  • The presence of foreign energies that you have unconsciously or consciously taken on,
  • The presence of other people's energies, energetic parcels, and activities sent to you by other individuals or entities,
  • Programs, patterns, beliefs, values that do not serve you and from which you wish to free yourself,
  • Contracts, agreements, vows at the level of the soul, karma, subconscious, consciousness, higher levels, or on the path of your soul.

Sometimes we can subconsciously adopt such programs and patterns, while at other times we consciously accept them; some may have arisen recently, while others reach deep into the past. In a single healing session, usually 1 to 3 issues are addressed, depending on the need. Individuals who actively work on themselves and possess mental strength, a high level of consciousness, and good physical condition, can process and address significantly more topics.

Following such a procedure, the soul returns to its basic settings, as we were originally created, while the programs that hinder us are replaced with those that bring us closer to our true nature and the reasons why we came to this planet, more precisely, into this life. At the same time, an internal cleansing at higher levels takes place, leading to new insights and self-realizations, and encouraging personal growth and advancement in any area of life, creating conditions for accessing new levels of existence.

Individuals who have reached a level where they have cleared and purified many of the previously mentioned elements of their being, and live with a high degree of awareness, can expand their own abilities through work on their spiritual body. They can also channel extremely important information from various levels of existence and create new, significant spheres in their life that are important not only for them personally but also for the wider community.

It is common for such individuals to gain insights into their true purpose in this life, and they become leaders in helping others improve the quality of their lives, awareness, inner happiness, satisfaction, peace, and progress. This technique is not applied to pregnant women and children, except in cases where children suffer from severe illnesses.

Healing the Energy Body

This technique involves a complex process of cleansing and removing the energetic manifestations of diseases from the aura. The process begins with the diagnosis of the aura, which includes detecting the presence of foreign or incompatible energies and anomalies within the aura. This is followed by the phase of healing the energy body using the technique of energy dematerialization. The procedure then continues with balancing the wider and narrower areas of the aura, severing negative mental and energy connections, and concludes with closing the energy field and the entire process.

The entire procedure is carried out exclusively at the level of the aura, without physical contact with the body, and continues through various states of human existence, beyond the physical body and the aura itself.

Healers are well acquainted with the existence of different human bodies. When this procedure was introduced as a healing technique, it brought with it the realization that diseases also possess their own energy body or aura. Therefore, the aura of the disease is the subject of energetic-spiritual, rather than traditional, medical healing.

Through the healing of a person's energy body, the energetic aspect of the disease is removed from the human aura and other bodies (envelopes). Using special techniques and knowledge, the removed 'material' is dematerialized and transformed.

The uniqueness of this type of healing lies in the fact that the disease is removed in both its physical and energetic forms, which includes recurrences, such as tumors with metastases.

As a result, the physical form of the disease disintegrates or is encapsulated after healing. In both cases, doctors can determine changes or even the complete disappearance of the disease through their research.

This type of aura healing at the so-called energetic-spiritual level can treat both malignant and benign tumors, regardless of size or number of metastases. A patient can have multiple metastases that may disappear after practicing this technique. If there are other diseases or diagnoses, they are all treated during the procedure, regardless of their nature or level.

This form of healing can be repeated after 3-4 weeks to see how the body has accepted and responded to the session. In some people, changes are visible immediately, while in others, the treatment needs to be repeated.

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