Zdenko Domančić i Slavko MatanovićA few days ago, there was one of the most important moments in the life and work of Slavko Matanovic. His teacher and the founder of  biotherapy method, Zdenko Domančić, presented Slavko Matanović with a diploma of graduation from biotherapist education, at a graduation ceremony in Bled, Slovenia.

Not only did Slavko receive a diploma that day, but pledged again to respect the code of ethics, honoured by Master Domančić and all the therapists who have acquired knowledge in his school. According to the Code, each biotherapist makes the following pledge (originally in the Slovenian language):
To use the knowledge, arising from the biotherapy method of Zdenko Domančić, solely for humane purposes;
To abide by morally ethical principles in relation to the patient;
Not to interfere with a patient’s medical diagnosis and treatment provided by the official healthcare system;
Not to set prices for therapy;
Not to transfer the acquired knowledge to a third party;
Not to change the basic method or combined it with other methods or systems;
To be solely responsible for all of my therapeutic actions and results;
Not to comment on or evaluate work of other therapists’ based on the Domančić method;
This is the Code that biotherapist Slavko Matanovic abides by. The Code, as well as the diploma photo below, you can always see publicly displayed in areas where Slavko performs biotherapy. He exhibits them at every opportunity with pride and joy, of course!



Photos from Bled, where Slavko received his diploma, will soon be available on our Facebook pages.

Congratulations, Slavko!

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