We received a letter and that described the experience of one of Slavko’s patients who was successfully treated by remote biotherapy. It was from a beautiful place, with even more beautiful lakes – Baćine near Ploče.

The letter is published in its integral version, as we have received it:

“10 months ago I was paralyzed almost for a whole month due to a pinching condition, caused by a spinal disease. Based on X-rays, my GP and the neurologist wanted to send me urgently to Split hospital for a spinal surgery. However, due to many previous surgeries I had, another surgery was not an option. The neurologist insisted on surgery twice, and the surgeon refused.
My sister in Zagreb then contacted Slavko. He asked for my medical records and a photo. We have established a relationship over the phone and scheduled a treatment. Please note that I live in Ploče. Three days later Slavko called me by phone and we started with therapy. The first  four treatments resulted in me being able to stand on my feet and begin to walk. We had three more treatments of four days each and it all ended well. Since then I’ve been able to walk, I feel fine, and I can drive my car. I was picking olives, and did plenty of walking. I am immensely grateful to Slavko on his bioenergy. Please note that the treatment was done only remotely via phone and through my photo (Zagreb-Ploče). We’ve never met in person.”
Slobodan Katić, Baćine, Ploče

If you want to share with us your experience with biotherapy and our biotherapist, please contact us. We will be happy to publish your observations, whatever they may be.

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