Biotherapy is usually done in a group where each patient is treated individually. In exceptional circumstances, when a patient is unable to travel to the therapist, it can be performed remotely, using photos. Slavko used this method to treat people from all continents, from countries he has never visited, people he might never even see in his life. There is a number of such patients in Canada, so Slavko heeded their invitations and came to Canada to treat them on the spot.

Slavko’s first trip across the ocean and stay in Canada can only be described in one word: fantastic! Slavko was delighted by the reception and hospitality of the people, just as by the beauty of the country itself. Compared to Croatia, everything is so much bigger and more noticeable. In addition to sightseeing and travel, two cycles of biotherapy, in Calgary and Toronto, were also carried out.

In addition, it has been an opportunity for Slavko to celebrate a birthday in a really special place – the location of the legendary snow and snowplough funny story.

To learn more about the trip, see the photo gallery on our Facebook page. Special thanks to Sanja and Biljana, as well as their families and friends who have done everything to make this journey memorable forever.

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