Have you heard of terms such as telekinesis or psychokinesis? Telekinesis means the possibility of movement of objects without explanation, and  psychokinesis is moving objects under the influence of a person’s psychic or mental strength. Biopsychokinesis indicates the possibility of conscious control of living organisms by means of psychic or mental powers.


The assumption is that some people can change or affect their physical environment by the power of their mind. Such changes through psychokinesis are usually associated with some unusual manifestations, and one of the most famous is the bending of metal, popularized by Uri Geller in 1973. Geller has divided the professional and lay public by his bending of spoons and keys.
A number of more or less successful experiments were performed by J. Hasted, CP Davis, JL Randall, K. Batcheldor and many others. To date, we can’t say that psychokinesis was scientifically explained, but it is certain that something happens, difficult to understand for the average person.


Psychokinesis is used by therapists during bioenergy treatment. Without any contact with any part of the body, the therapist can affect the patient from a distance and move the body. When performing these movements, the patient is fully conscious, although the movements are performed under the mental influence of the therapist.
Watch the video of one such situation.

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