A few months ago we were contacted by a young coed from Zagreb, diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis. If you have never heard of this annoying disease, infectious mononucleosis is an acute viral disease, also called the “kissing disease”. The disease can have symptoms of mild virus diseases, but in its typical form, it is most commonly manifested by fever, sore throat, general weakness, fatigue and enlarged lymph nodes.

In most cases the cause of the disease is the Epstein-Barr virus, but other viruses can also be the cause, such as cytomegalovirus (CMV). The disease usually begins slowly and passes on its own without medical help. However, fatigue and weakness can last for up to three months. Treatment is not specific, rather it is focused on relief of symptoms and based on resting and taking sufficient amounts of liquid. In rare cases serious complications may arise that require hospitalization. (Read more  on: Pliva zdravlje, author Ana Balažin, MD).

After completion of biotherapy, Monika wished to share her experience with you:

“Two months ago I felt a pain in my throat and a slight fever. I went to my doctor. After the checkup my doctor recommended blood tests. Blood tests revealed that liver test values were high and my diagnosis was a B-27 infectious mononucleosis. This was confirmed at the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Fran Mihaljevic”. It was recommended that I should rest in bed on a strict diet for at least a month. Since the lectures at the university were about to start, I was very worried and excited. However, Slavko solved my problems with only a few treatments. First he treated me from a distance, and then we did a few more treatments in person. From my doctor’s advice I just a went on a diet, I didn’t stay in be, I was walking to class and had other activities. My experiences have been positive and I would definitely recommend Slavko. I was pleasantly surprised, although I was initially skeptical of this method of treatment.
Monika, Zagreb”

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