During his last visit and therapy in Switzerland, Slavko had an opportunity to treat a severe form of migraine. Ljubica told us how the therapy went and how she feels afterwards:

“From early childhood I have been suffering from migraines, and now I’m in my early fifties, so I can say that I’ve been suffering from severe headaches almost all my life. They’ve been appearing regularly, especially if I got irritated or if I was affected by something personal, since I’m emotional in nature, and sometimes for no apparent reason. Usually I would feel a sudden, strong headache in my nape, then the pain would move forward, usually to the left temple. On those occasions, my glasses, that I normally wear, have bothered me greatly and I had to lie down in a dark room. The pain could last for hours and hours, sometimes all day, despite the pills I’ve been taking for years. I visited all available doctors, particularly those in Switzerland. I went to various healers and herbalists, but no one could help me.

Last fall, my cousin told me about bioenergist Slavko Matanovic and recommended him. Although I am a little skeptical of such methods of treatment, because of my poor previous results with various healers, her positive experience prompted me to go nevertheless. I thought, after all, let’s try this as well, I have nothing to lose.

Three months ago I went to the first biotherapy with Slavko for my migraines and crises. After four days of therapy my condition is great, headaches have almost completely stopped and I haven’t had a migraine since. I used to take pills for migraine and pain on a daily basis, and for the last three months I have taken less than 5 pills. This is an amazing thing for me and I still can’t understand that, after a lifelong battle with migraine, I can now function and work normally. In the end, I can only say that I am completely thrilled with Slavko and the treatment that I completed with him. “
Ljubica, Basel, Switzerland

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