Sport, although a very healthy activity, also brings a risk of injury. For professional athletes, who are particularly exposed to many health problems due to their extraordinary efforts, prolonged periods of absence from training and matches can not only create difficulties in professional development, but can also terminate their sports careers. Biotherapy provides excellent results in treatment of sports injuries.

To see how this works in a specific case of a chronic sports injury, read a letter sent to us by Dario:

“Hello friends!

I’d like to start with a short introduction to me and my problems, and my connection to Slavko. I am Dario Djukic, 35, a professional athlete, a volleyball player, to be specific. For years I’ve been playing in Europe and for the last couple of years in France. I’ve known Slavko for years, in fact since his youth, because when I started playing Slavko was already an experienced player. Thanks to Facebook, we re-established contact, so some time ago, in a relaxed conversation, he asked me about my play and  health. I boasted a little, but also said that I’ve been suffering from a heel injury for a long time, and that this could be the beginning of the end of my career.

As I looked at my computer screen, Slavko typed the sentence “Do you want me to cure you?”. I said sure, without even knowing what he meant, nor that he’s already been doing biotherapy for a while. I accepted, but at the same time I was wondering if he was joking with me, because I’ve never heard or seen that someone can be treated remotely. Slavko started with therapy, I was still skeptical, not knowing what to think, but in a while I felt my leg getting numb. I said to my wife, sitting next to me: I guess this works!

At the end of therapy the pain was almost non-existent, and ever since I’ve been harassing Slavko to help me every few days, especially after an exhausting match. Now I’m playing and feeling much better and I feel that my therapy with Slavko has greatly reduced pain and restored me to a state where I could be back in training. Before, I had to rest for at least two or three days after every match. Thank God that there is a gift from God and that certain people have it. Among them is Slavko.

My sincere thanks, and I hope that Slavko be helpful to you as he was to me.

Regards and a lot of health in the future,

Dario Djukic”

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