slavko 2009

First a patient, then a biotherapist

I met bioenergy, like most other people, seeking help for my everyday health problems. I did not even dream that one day bioenergy will become a way of life for me and that I will devote all my free time to helping others through biotherapy and promoting bioenergy as the basis of life.


Painful beginnings

A few years ago I got sick and suffered from daily dizziness, and unbearable pain in the neck and head. According to medical diagnosis, I had a cervical spine injury and poor blood circulation to the brain. For months I have unsuccessfully tried to relieve the pain at least, if not cure it, but the drugs didn’t help. My life was in ruins as became a person unable to work or live in the community, from a very active person, a father, a husband, an entrepreneur and an athlete. Family definitely suffered the most, and all the family responsibilities fell on the back of my wife. The children could not understand what was happening to me since I became unrecognizable as a person and the only thing they could do was watch me lying down in the dark almost all day, not communicating with anyone. This situation started crushing me mentally as I had just turned 40. I couldn’t bear the fact that I’m becoming unable to live and work in the prime of my life.
One of my friends, seeing that something very bad is happening to me, told me his life story, which partially resembled mine. Edo recommended that I try healing by bioenergy, since it really helped him. Of course, I didn’t immediately decide to try to replace my therapy with a bioenergy treatment, but as my situation deteriorated I had nothing to lose so, on Edo’s recommendation, I signed up for treatment with the world-famous bioenergist. My thoughts at the time about this method of healing were anything but positive. They went from disbelief to fear and anticipation of my appointment, with constant deterioration of my condition.


Four days of biotherapy led me to health

I had my first bioenergetic treatment with Zdenko Domančić in Slovenia. I was surprised by a large number of patients who were there, and I saw only a few therapists waving their arms around people. I had mixed feelings, from disbelief in the efficiency of such a treatment, to even scorn, but only until it was my turn…
Today, two years later, when I think of this first encounter with biotherapy, I realize that in those four days of therapy I healed completely, and now I feel perfectly well. I realized what is most important in my life, I found my inner peace and a perspective on life. Not to mention the changes in my family life, we are completely back to normal, a lot more love and harmony can be seen everywhere around me. My wife and children are happy and satisfied, especially children, because now I can play with them, understand what they say and need, but also what they give in return.


The life merry-go-round

Thanks to biotherapy not only did I get back my health and ability to work, but I’ve been able to bring my family more closely together. Finally, I must thank Edo who introduced biotherapy to me, which has opened completely new horizons in my life. It has changed me to the extent that I’ve decided to master the bioenergy treatment by the Zdenko Domančić method. Biotherapy is today one of my basic preoccupations in life. I hope that you will feel the changes in quality of life and get rid of all your problems by using the only natural healing method – biotherapy.

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