slavko matanović bioenergija

What is bioenergy?

Bioenergy is the cosmic life energy, the fundamental creative force long known to people who are in touch with nature. Bioenergy fills in and radiates from the living and the nonliving substances. It passes easily through all kinds of substances, although at different speed. This is an actual physical energy, and not just a metaphorical, hypothetical force. Bioenergy is a medium that is found everywhere, a cosmic ocean of energy movement dynamics that permeates the entire physical universe. All living things respond to its pulse. Bioenergy is a medium that communicates by emotion and perception, through which we are connected with the cosmos and in kinship with all that is alive.

Biotherapists are often asked whether bioenergy can really help people and in what way. Although it is known that bioenergy is a universal energy which is present in not only humans, but also animals and plants, sometimes there is suspicion of its existence and its therapeutic effect. Regardless of bioenergy’s invisibility, it still has the power to set the whole organism in motion. Bioenergy is informed by the creator, it ejects the sick cells from the body and exchanges them with healthy ones. Biotherapist addresses the immune system of the patient in his therapies, helping it self-activate and fight the disease,  and moreover, prevent the disease in the first place.

What can bioenergy cure?

What can bioenergy do in managing the quality of life, whether physical or mental? Especially in today’s urgent circumstances of life, full of stress, climate change, irregular and unhealthy lifestyle, lack of physical activity, excessive passivity and inadequate nutrition. The longer such negative influences surround our bodies and the higher their level, the higher the odds of their lasting impact on our energy field, so called aura. A consequence of that is weakening of human beings on the material level, which is our body, so we become an easy target for various forms of diseases, whether physical or psychological. Bioenergy is very successful in improving human health, without consumption of drugs or preparations of any kind. Improvement and healing of affected body parts comes exclusively through a flow of energy between the medium (biotherapist) and the patient, without any other intervention. The flow of energy can’t be disturbed by the location where therapy takes place (open, closed) or possible distance between the therapist and the patient, be it thousands of kilometers.

The relationship between bioenergy and conventional medicine

All these facts have been known for a long time, as evidenced by written documents more than 10,000 years old. The very history of healing by bioenergy reaches far into the past and is not completely separated from official, conventional medicine. One of the first known bioenergy healers was the very father of modern medicine, Hippocrates. His colleagues today, doctors of official medicine and scientists from various scientific disciplines, took advantage of their knowledge and resources to check the efficiency of bioenergy in healing people using scientific methods. In particular, this applies to the possibility of recovery from those diseases that official medicine is usually referring to as incurable.

Medical proof of biotherapy effects

Any recipient of biotherapy can confirm the efficiency of bioenergy very quickly and easily. Each biotherapist recommends that his patients ask for further medical examination where medical tests and records show whether the disease’s status has changed. Very soon it is possible to see improved results, indicating successful treatment even for those diseases that conventional medicine undoubtedly calls incurable, such as hepatitis C, epilepsy and the like. Saying this, in no way do we want to reduce the importance, necessity, and efficiency of school medicine, but point to the existence of other forms of treatment. On the contrary, the best results in restoring an organism’s health can be achieved through a comprehensive approach and positive efforts of conventional, as well as alternative medicine.


What do biotherapies look like?

People are beings of energy, and they may have excess or lack of energy in a particular part of the body. The role of bioenergy is to stabilize the flow of energy through a person’s body, thus regenerating the defense system, which then supports healing of the body.

Energy is used in the treatment of various mental and physical disorders. It is not necessary for the treatment recipient to be open to this kind of therapy, although it is desirable that the treated person accepts responsibility.

Biotherapy treatments last for four consecutive days, and if necessary, the cycle can be repeated. A person can’t receive more than that. Therapy is usually in a group, but every person is treated individually, depending on their disease or condition. The basis for therapy is the diagnosis made by the school doctors, in addition to a subjective description of the situation by the patient.

Unlike drugs, biotherapy can’t have any adverse consequences, in no way can it be harmful to the human body. It is possible for the symptoms to intensify in the first 15 days after the end of biotherapy. However, this is just a temporary reaction to the intensified activities of a regenerated immune system.