Read how Finika felt before and after therapy. The content is brought in the integral version.

“This letter goes to all the people around the planet, in the hope that I will convey a very nice experience, an experience that changed my life … A few months ago I went to Austria, more precisely to Wels. I think it was fate, it was some higher power that sent me there earlier than I was supposed to go, to experience some amazing things, to believe that miracles do exist.

As I said, I went to Wels, a city that I’ve loved since childhood, and now I love it even more, because it was there that I experienced incredible moments that I will remember for the rest of my life because I’ve met Slavko there. A man of great power, the person who restores the faith in life, a legend of a man …

At the time, Slavko came to Wels to do biotherapy. I have heard of him from many people, he was said to cure and help people, even those doctors could not help. I was suspicious, the story seemed unreal to me because of my history of twenty years trying to heal from excessive allergies with all sorts of doctors, but without any improvement. The allergy is a big problem for me, I could hardly breathe, my airways were constantly blocked, so for all those years I used a variety of drops and sprays.

Despite the lack of confidence, I decided to try Slavko’s method of treatment. Unbelievable, but already after the first few treatments I felt improvement! I thought I was imagining, because it was amazing that after all this time for me there is hope. I noticed I used sprays less, I just started to forget about them, and earlier I couldn’t go anywhere, or go to sleep, without these sprays. As the days passed I felt better and better,  and eve after the therapy my condition improved, so I finally started to breathe with full lungs as twenty years before.

With this therapy, I discovered a new hope, new horizons, new life … I started to believe in bioenergy, to believe in Slavko’s power that can help people who need help. Now I believe in bioenergy, I realized that bioenergy is a miracle, but one needs to find the right person, who is expert in it, who has the power and a big heart, such as Slavko.

I am grateful to God for having sent me there to meet Slavko and his method of treatment, to meet a wonderful man whose hands give hope for a better tomorrow, hope that many have probably lost … I highly recommend to anyone who has a problem of any kind to contact Slavko, because it was thanks to him that I returned from hell back to heaven.

Consequently, never lose hope, a cure exists somewhere, just needs to be found, and the best remedy for all your problems is Slavko MATANOVIĆ.

Forever grateful and respectful,
Finika Cirić”

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