About Slavko

bioenergija bioterapije češka

Slavko Matanovic is a trained biotherapist, who completed his education with and received diploma from master Zdenko Domančić. He was born in 1967, lives in Zagreb with his wife and three children. After a very successful period as an entrepreneur, he decided to change his life and found himself in bioenergy. At first as a patient of his teacher, and later as his student and trained therapist.


Through his work and numerous healings, Slavko’s reputation has spread throughout the world, with people from all continents looking for his help. Today he is assisted by a number of colleagues who make up a biotherapeutic team led by Slavko Matanović.

After numerous trips and biotherapy, he prefers resting with his family and friends. Slavko Matanovic is a passionate angler, so don’t be surprised if you see him with a fishing kit somewhere on the banks of the Danube. In addition to fishing, he also likes skiing. Slavko, as an athlete from head to toe, is also known as a former volleyball player of Mladost and the Croatian national volleyball team in seniors category.

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You can find Slavko on Facebook or reach him at one of the contacts on this webpage.